The price is per machine. Two adults allowed per machine. Max weight per machine is 400 lbs. A small child can be added in addition to the two adults as long as the total weight doesn’t exceed 400 lbs.

99% of our customers receive a full refund of their deposit. Deposit charges are usually the result of physical damages to the jet ski(s) caused by operator negligence. Using common sense, listening to instructions, operating safely, and maintaining safe distances are smart ways to ensure a fun yet safe jet ski rental with no unfortunate complications.

Anyone born after 01/01/1988 is required to have a NASBLA approved boater safety license in their possession along with a government issued ID. BUT DON’T WORRY the license is FREE and EASY. You can go online at http://www.boatus.org/florida/ and do the course for FREE. Or you can come to the docks 30 minutes early and we can provide you with the course for a $3 fee.

You are NOT required to know how to swim. You are provided proper water sports life jackets prior to boarding the skis.

Government issued ID with birth date clearly visible, credit card for guarantee, cash for gratuity, sunscreen, and a big smile to have some fun!!!

The earlier the better. Mornings start of slow and progressively get busier as the day goes on, with peak times early to late afternoon.

Gratuity for your tour guide is NOT included.

Our tour guides try to cater the adventure to the skill levels of the guests on each particular trip. We are very good at keeping it fun for the speedsters while making sure the more timid in the group feel safe and not rushed.

Security deposit is typically $300 per jet ski, accepted as cash or credit card authorization. One person may leave the security deposit for multiple jet skis within their group. Accommodations can be made for larger groups or under special circumstances.

Cash deposits are returned at the end of the rental. Credit card authorizations only verify funds are available and are not charges. The issuing bank will place a hold or “freeze” for the deposit amount and typically release it in one to three days. If necessary we can usually assist in an immediate release.

If another licensed & insured company in Miami or Miami Beach offers the same services and lower rate using our same model jet skis, same year or newer, we will beat their advertised rate by $5. NOTE: Companies using Public Boat Ramps or Transfers customers from land to a public island or an anchored boat IS NOT LEGAL. Verification may be required.

Our staff constantly monitors our ride zone and will personally let you know when your time is up and assist in returning jet skis to the dock.

State law requires a person to be at least 18 years old to rent, 14 years old to operate, and passengers can be any age. Those born on or after Jan. 1st, 1988 may require a Flordia Boating Permit to drive. We can issue temporary permits at our location.

Yes. Our staff will provide complete and thorough instructions prior to your rental. We rent to thousands of “first timers” every year ranging from teenagers, to athletes, to seniors.

Our ride zone is always monitored by our staff on their own jet ski to help and assist with any issues or questions. Our tour guides all carry waterproof phones and a safety box on every tour, and are never more than a whistle away at all times.

People on the same jet ski can switch from driver to passenger at any time throughout the rental. The skis are stable and this can be done very easily.

Modern jet skis are very stable, you can stand on one side without flipping the jet ski over. Extra passengers may increase the risk of tipping over or falling off, but ultimately safe control rests with the driver.

Yes, life jackets are required by law and are provided with your rental at no extra charge. We have all sizes from infant to XXXL and everywhere in between.