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Don't be SHOCKED!

Don't be SHOCKED if you see wild Dolphins or Manatees (some people pay $100 a person just to see them through a glass tank) You can touch them! They have been seen before on our tours!

Don't be SHOCKED if you have the time of your life and you come back next year! Trust us, it happens a lot.

Have you ever rented a Jet Ski? They give you a square you have to stay in, you drive back and forth, you don't see anything...*yawn* -its boring...

Have you ever been on a JET SKI TOUR !? We go by the homes of the rich and the famous on Star Island, this is where the stars live and you can only get there by water! We see real wild life. We go in zones that have no speed limits so you can have some fun and jump some waves. We take you to the coolest places only the locals would know about!

So what's it going to be? Jet Skiing in a fish tank or going on an exotic high speed tour!?